Free for an entire year. Post jobs at no cost through 2018 2019.*

* We're extending this offer for another year! Regular pricing will be back in 2020.

Speaking on behalf of Double Secret Agency, the team behind Work With Craft, we have quite a lot on our agenda for 2019. We've got a few ambitious new Craft-related projects unfolding this year (which we are very excited about). With such a busy schedule planned, however, it may be difficult for us to give Work With Craft the full love and attention it deserves.

Since we won't be able to focus much energy on adding new features, instead, let's make it as easy as possible for our users to create new content! We don't want the price point to be the only thing stopping folks from posting. Instead, we're going to move out of the way and let you, the user, maximize what's currently possible with the site.

In summary, the site is going into maintenance mode for a year. We may provide minor updates, but our goal is to keep the job posts flowing in the meantime. Removing the paywall makes that possible.

Free? Completely free?

Yup! Any new job listing will be posted completely free of charge. And that was the only thing we charged for in the first place, which makes the site completely free for everyone.

What's the catch?

Seriously, there's no catch. Work With Craft was always meant to be a community-driven site, and making it a thriving resource for the community is our first priority.

Wait, are you abandoning the site?

No, absolutely not! We are very proud of this site, and want to keep it running for as long as Craft CMS exists. The maintenence costs are low (most things are automated), so there's no reason for us to abandon it.

What happens in 2020?

Most likely, we will begin charging again. Assuming that our other pet projects are no longer over-consuming our time, we intend to resume full development of Work With Craft. There are still plenty of cool features on our to-do list!