Experienced Vue.js Developer REMOTECONTRACT

Job Description

Searching for someone with a solid knowledge of Vue to work on the front-end of a brand new Craft 3 site. You will work in tandem with a back-end plugin developer.

About the project

This site will have a significant level of complexity on the front-end. We intend to leverage Vue for several major pieces, including large front-end forms, and giant table-view listings.

Known complexities:

  • Multiple subdomains. Each subdomain will function as its own "mini-site" with a unique purpose.
  • Several large forms. Users will need to add, edit, and manage entries from the front-end.
  • Several large listings. Significant amounts of table data will appear on the site.
  • A ton of data to be imported. This site will be replacing a site that was launched in 2010.

About you

You will be responsible for building all of the "moving parts" on the front-end. You will not be responsible for the design of the site, nor the implementation of the designs. I do not know Vue very well, so I will be leaning on your expertise.

We'd need a commitment of at least 10 - 20 hours per week from you. If you could exceed 20 hrs weekly, that would be even better!


  • The project will begin by November 1st.
  • It will last for 3 - 6 months.

How to Apply

Feel free to reach out with any questions about the project!

You can reach me via email, or DM me on Craft Slack (@lindseydiloreto)

Contact Info

  • Company: Double Secret Agency
  • Location: Remote
  • Email Address:
  Posted October 18, 2018