Freelance Craft CMS Developer REMOTECONTRACT

Job Description

The Engine is Red is a North Bay creative agency seeking a freelance Craft CMS Developer. 


We have a 32 hour engadgement for freelancers to update blog content and make general updates to a craft website.


You will be part of an Agile Team that includes an Account Manager, a Creative Director, a Graphic Designer, and a Copywriter. Most of our projects are pretty fun and challenging, and you'll be working alongside some very talented people.


We use Slack and Trello to stay in touch and manage projects.


We're hoping we can get the work started sometime bvetween today (13 January) and the end of the month.

How to Apply

To Apply,


Please send a summary of your experience, hourly rates, and available start date.

Contact Info

  • Location: California
  • Phone Number: 7075465448
  • Email Address:
  Posted January 13, 2017