Freelance web developer (Craft, Wordpress, Front-end) LOCALCONTRACT

Job Description

Treble are looking to bolster our freelance network with experienced web developers who would be available to lend us a hand when we need extra hands on deck.


You will be an freelance full-stack developer who we can call upon when we're running at capacity and need a solid pair of hands to pick up front and back-end development work across our project base. You would be able to take Sketch files to fully functional, responsive websites that work across our supported platforms.

Essential Skills

  • HTML5, SCSS, and JavaScript (ES6).
  • Integration with content management systems and frameworks, including Craft CMS/Wordpress/Laravel.
  • Object-oriented PHP.
  • Front-end tooling including Gulp/Webpack/Laravel Mix/NPM.
  • Version control (Git).
  • Providing technical consultancy and estimates across project phases.

Nice to Have

  • Server administration and dev-ops (Linux/Heroku/AWS).
  • Database experience (MySQL/MariaDB/PostgreSQL).
  • E-commerce experience (Craft Commerce/WooCommerce/Shopify).
  • Experience in creative technology platforms e.g. WebGL/GLSL/ThreeJS/Unity/OpenFrameworks.


About Treble

Treble is a multidisciplinary design practice: combining technical expertise with beautiful, collaborative design, we create work for those who care about detail and craft across digital, design, and moving image.

How to Apply

We'd like to see a CV, a portfolio, as well as some sample code - please send them on to

Contact Info

  • Location: Manchester, UK
  • Phone Number: 07790680224
  • Email Address:
  Posted July 1, 2018