Full-Stack Craft Web Developer with a Great Cause-Based Team in Melbourne LOCALPERMANENT

Job Description

Yump is an award-winning web development team specialising in UX and website transformation. We help not-for-profit and cause-based organisations build reputation, drive engagement and boost funding.

We’re looking for a PHP and front-end web developer who is strong in HTML+CSS, Javascript, PHP, and a mix of other technologies with a keen desire to learn and grow.

Your job will be to help build and code new websites using the latest technologies, communicate professionally with clients, and pursue excellent, award-winning work.

You’ll be working with highly motivated and independent people, passionate about our clients, the positive impact they make in the world, and the positive impact we can make in our community.

We’re a close-knit team with a wide range of skills and backgrounds. We love the challenge of solving big problems, and being dedicated to bringing the best solution to the table. We see the diversity of our team as an asset and are supportive of new ideas and perspectives.

You’ll be working directly with our designers, user experience experts, project managers and clients, so we value great communication, such as the ability to explain complex things in simple terms. We also value great teamwork, and taking personal responsibility of your contribution to the final product. You’ll take ownership of your deadlines, code quality, and tasks.

We want you to love working here, and we want you to contribute to making Yump a great place to work. Whether it’s teaching the team something new, taking a break to play frisbee together, or sharing a personal project with the team. We are all motivated to build a positive, supportive culture with a focus on great results for clients and work-life balance.

You will gain:

  • Experience working on high-quality projects for some of Australia’s most well-known, socially-conscious brands including many not-for-profits

  • Being part of a great team culture that emphasises compassion and work-life balance

  • Exposure to the latest technologies and best practices in front and back-end development

  • Mentoring from an experienced and award-winning team

  • Opportunities for networking and professional development

This role will be based in Prahran, Melbourne. This is a full-time, ongoing position (after an initial trial period).

Read more about Yump at https://yump.com.au

The Role

  • Back-End Development (40%)
    Back end coding (Twig and PHP) to integrate designs with Craft CMS (primarily) and occasionally other PHP frameworks and CMS’s (WordPress, CakePHP, concrete5 etc.)
  • Front-End Development (35%)
    Responsive front-end coding in HTML 5, CSS 3, Javascript, and Vue.js
  • Developer Communication (15%)
  • Communicating with other web developers to collaborate effectively
  • Client Communication (10%)
    Communicating with clients to clarify requirements, obtain feedback, and capture bug reports

Required skills

  • HTML5 & CSS3 – Some experience coding designs and layouts to a high standard, using media queries, and building robust layouts that work across devices and all major browsers (iOS/Android mobiles & tablets, Chrome, Firefox, Safari, IE11)

  • Excellent English – good grammar and ability to communicate clearly and professionally

  • CMS Experience – having integrated website designs with a CMS on at least 5 previous projects

  • PHP – the ability to write custom functions, include files, grab get/post variables and manipulate form data. (Ability to produce clean, object-oriented code a bonus.)

  • Javascript – the ability to write custom Javascript functions, event handlers, and AJAX requests

  • Git Source Control

  • Attention to Detail

  • Photoshop – basic manipulation to extract layers, slice graphics and optimize for the web

  • Planning & Estimation – ability to accurately estimate the time required for a project and keep to timelines

Additional skills that will be highly regarded

  • Craft CMS development
  • SASS
  • SVG vector graphics
  • Vue.js or a similar reactive framework (React, Angular, etc.)
  • Appreciates good design and can apply consistent styling across a website
  • Experience with PHP MVC frameworks such as Yii/CodeIgniter/Symfony/Laravel
  • Fetching and submitting data to remote REST APIs
  • SQL and database design
  • Modular PHP using classes, inheritance, composer and autoloading
  • Front-end build tools such as gulp/webpack/grunt
  • WordPress Advanced Custom Fields (ACF)
  • Experience coding to WCAG Accessibility Standards
  • .htaccess and Apache configuration
  • HTML email templates that work in Gmail, Outlook, Yahoo, mobiles, etc.
  • Performance optimization
  • Regular expressions
  • Search engine optimization (SEO) basics
  • Experience at an agency or other similar employment
  • Enjoys working with people
  • Likes reading, and has a passion for learning and expanding your knowledge


AU $50-70k annual package (incl. super), negotiable and dependent on skills and experience.

How to Apply

You will need to be based in Melbourne, Australia for this role.

To apply, head on over to our Application Form and let us know more about yourself.

Contact Info

  • Company: Yump
  • Location: Prahran, Melbourne, Australia
  • Email Address:
  Posted February 20, 2019