Back End Website Developer (PHP) REMOTEPERMANENT

Job Description

Help us create accessible, performant websites for leading arts and cultural organisations 🧡

Role: Back End Developer (PHP)
Salary: £40-50k
Location: Fully remote team, UK-based
Type: Permanent, full-time, flexible hours
Application deadline: Sunday 22 May 2022

Our remote team is dotted all over the UK, and we’re looking for a PHP Developer to join our climate positive workforce 🌳

On top of technical chops, we’re looking for the right person – an intelligent self-starter who enjoys a challenge, takes pride in their work, and is always keen to improve.


Is this you?
You’re a problem-solver and a doer who’s most at home when elbow-deep in code, but can communicate clearly with less technical folks. Whether you call yourself a developer, coder, or engineer, you care about writing maintainable, scalable, well-documented code, and you build for accessibility and performance.

A good communicator over Slack and video chat, working from home will suit you nicely. And you have a decent internet connection. Day-to-day, you’re comfortable moving between slower-paced long-term jobs and fast-paced fixes. You can manage your own time and to-do list – but enjoy being an active part of a team focused on building the best possible products.


Job description
As well as helping to maintain our existing websites, you’ll be part of speccing new projects and features – and writing PHP for back end applications, custom Craft CMS plugins, and API integrations.

Additionally, you’ll:
• Integrate Twig/Craft templates
• Integrate with third-party APIs
• Configure staging and production environments, and deploy to them
• Diagnose and squish bugs
• Write clear technical documentation
• Contribute, and add to, our Open Source projects – especially Craft CMS plugins
• Play a role in driving our tech architecture set-up/stack
• Take part in code reviews
• Keep up-to-date with relevant technologies, and approaches to work

(This is a back end role, but it’d be great if you have some understanding of HTML, CSS, JavaScript.)

Our stack: PHP, Twig, Craft CMS, Valet, NGINX, Yii, REST/SOAP APIs, VPS hosting, AWS, Git


About Supercool
Hello! We're a friendly team of problem-solvers, based all over the UK. We create websites that make life easier for arts, heritage, and cultural organisations – and their audiences.

Accessibility-focused: A belief that art and culture is for everyone runs through all that we do, so we have a strong focus on accessibility.

A 100% remote team: We all work from home – and have done since 2017 – so are heavy users of Slack and video chat day-to-day, and meet in person once or twice a year (lockdowns permitting). We can provide financial support to help you set up a home office if you need it, as well as providing a laptop or any other equipment you need.

We care about your work/life balance: Standard work days are Monday-Friday, 8am-4pm. But we operate a flexible working policy, with flexible start times (between 8am-10am), so you can start and finish later if that suits you. Though we try and stick to these hours, sometimes you'll be needed at other times. If you're asked to work outside of your normal hours, you'll get Time Off In Lieu. (This should be a given, but isn't always!)

Learning = good! We support and encourage openness to learn, and individuals’ professional development – making sure there’s time for R&D as part of the team, as well as self-directed learning. If you're interested in doing a course or would like to attend a conference; holler. We're excited by new developments in tech, and everyone’s ideas and input help to shape the company and how we work.

Meet the team 👋 Passionate, knowledgeable, and experienced, we're a mix of developers, designers, digital strategists, and data geeks. Meet the folks you'll be working with over on our About page.


Salary and benefits
• £40-50k depending on experience
• Fully-remote working
• Flexible hours
• 35 days holiday a year, plus …
• Additional holiday for long service after 2 years
• Professional development opportunities to learn, and attend/speak at conferences
• Work with clients in the charitable sector
• Be part of a Climate Positive Workforce – we offset your carbon footprint at work and at home
• A welcoming working environment – read more about Supercool's commitment to inclusivity


How to Apply

How to apply
👉 Send us an online Application Form – including your CV and Cover Letter.

The Cover Letter is important as it's our chance to find out more about you – what strengths you'll bring to Supercool (outside of what's listed on your CV), and why you'd like to join the team. It's your opportunity to explain why we should hire you.

The process
To reduce unconscious bias, certain information – e.g. your name, date of birth, educational qualifications – will be hidden from the hiring panel during the initial CV / Cover Letter review. Once we've reviewed your application:

1. Phonecall: If your application demonstrates suitability for the role, we’ll arrange a half-hour phonecall, so we can find out more about each other. (We'll provide you with a few talking points in advance.)

2. Interview: If shortlisted, we'll invite you for a 1hr interview – via video chat – at a time that suits you. We’ll talk in more detail about the role, and your experience, skills, and ambitions. Interview questions will be shared with you in advance, so you'll have time to prepare. There may be follow-up questions after the interview.

3. Technical test: If the interview goes well, we'll ask you to complete a short technical test. This task will be designed to find out what you know, and what you don't know (yet), as well as your approach to problem solving. It's not a ‘pass or fail’ thing. We'll keep you informed of your progress in a timely manner, and won't keep you hanging on. If you can't do any of the above, or have specific access requirements, please let us know – we're happy to discuss alternatives.

Here's what to expect throughout the application process: Want to join the team?


🌳 Supercool is an environmentally responsible employer
🧡 Follow @supercooldesign on Twitter

We want to hear directly from applicants so no thanks, recruitment / outsourcing companies

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  • Company: Supercool
  • Location: Remote (UK)
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  Posted April 21, 2022