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Job Description

Set up clone of site

Delete duplicate pages - keep as 3 sites

Delete duplicate pages - make as 1 site

Add menu on homepage and move menu on all other pages to the top right.

Quote for adding blog to site as a separate page.

Quote for adding blog to site as a separate page. Without commenting, multiple authors and categories. Still including share options.

Add to homepage 5 most popular acts below three main tabs

Add to homepage a box for text below popular acts for ‘Bespoke Entertainment’

Move arrow up on Landing Page and on all main pages on 13.1 inch.

Investigate including blog and social media feed on homepage.

We’ve recently had a developer look at this but he came across some problems which he couldn’t overcome. In his own words -



The problem


Previous developers have re-purposed Craft's in-built "Locale" functionality. Where you would normally expect to see a Locale such as "British English" or "Spanish", four new Locales have been created in Craft's core - "Events", "Weddings", "Introduction" and "Corporate Events". This isn't how Craft is designed to be used. Result: You can't update Craft anymore without first backing up and replacing the /craft/app/framework/i18n/data/ folder. You are _never_ meant to edit anything inside /craft/app. as the whole folder gets replaced when you update Craft.



Over the last couple of days our developer has tried:



Deleting the existing Locales

Result: Errors throughout the site. The site's template code heavily utilises setting and using variables based on the custom locales that have been created.


Creating a British English Locale, then deleting the other Locales and transferring their content to British English

Results: Craft tries to re-save all entries in the new Locale, then fails at re-saving the SuperTable fields, then deletes the entries, so there's no content left in the siteCreating a British English Locale, then deleting the other Locales entirely

Results: All content gets deleted. You'd have to recreate all the pages and artists manually


Creating a completely blank Craft install, exporting all data from the live site, then importing all the existing field data and entries

Result: PHP error as it can't create the fields with the custom Locales 

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  Posted November 1, 2016