Job Description

Zaengle is a web development company that builds custom websites and web applications for businesses, organization, and sometimes ourselves. We've been in business for 10+ years and fully remote for all of it. Our motto is Be Nice, Do Good and we try to live it out each day by being really nice people to work with and always doing good work. Our primary tech stack is Laravel, Vue, Statamic, and Craft CMS (which is where you come in). We've been a Craft CMS partner since the beginning and we're looking to grow our team.

Recent Craft CMS projects include:

We're looking for a Craft CMS developer

We’re searching for our next Craft CMS Developer. On a typical week, you'll either be solely focused on a new site build or handling maintenance tickets for our retainer clients. You'll regularly collaborate with a project manager, other front-end developers, and senior engineers, and will be expected to push your assignments forward with a lot of autonomy.

Our CMS developers:

  • Will write well-formed, semantic (as can be) HTML. They'll know when to use a definition list, table, and div.
  • Understand how content authors (CMS Editors) use content management systems and design interfaces they'll love to use.
  • Understand when and why a developer might use utility CSS over BEM and vice-versa.
  • Embrace the challenge of making highly accessible interfaces, even if it's only going to affect 1% of our site's visitors, because everyone matters.
  • Enjoy using the following tools: Tailwind, VueJS, Alpine, Laravel Mix, Statamic, CraftCMS.
  • Have an eye for a well-implemented design.

We want to talk to you if you are:

  • Self-motivated. Though you're collaborative, you don’t need to be micromanaged. You want to do good work for the sake of doing good work, and don't need much external motivation to make it happen.
  • Honest. You aren’t perfect, and neither are we. Integrity, honesty, and humility are hallmarks of your life.
  • Generous. You love helping others, sharing your expertise, and giving back.
  • An excellent communicator. Whether verbally or written, your communication skills are excellent. When you talk to clients or your teammates, you’re plainspoken, confident, and genuine.
  • A learner. When you don’t know something it’s not a roadblock — you seek answers and solutions without being told to. And will raise your hand and ask for help if you need it.

Other details:

  • Zaengle is a 100% remote team. We will consider candidates inside and outside the US. Regardless of your location, you'll be expected to have a minimum of 4-5 hours of overlap with the rest of the team each day.
  • Compensation is very competitive (salary will vary depending on seniority). And we'll pay 100% of your health insurance premium (for US-based employees).
  • In addition to a number of paid company holidays, we offer 15 days paid time off. We also close for about two weeks at the end of each year (also paid) so we can rest and relax as a team.
  • If needed, we'll purchase a new computer for you.
  • This role will report to our CEO.

How to Apply

We're accepting applications until February 23, 2022.


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  • Location: Remote Land
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  Posted February 7, 2022