Craft CMS developer for long-term project REMOTECONTRACT

Job Description

About the job

Telescope Film, a discovery site for international film and TV, needs a full-stack Craft CMS developer for a long-term project involving improvements to the CMS (requiring both back-end and front-end development), database management, and ongoing maintenance. The site was recently migrated to Craft CMS, so you’ll have a clean slate to work with.

Tech stack

  • Craft CMS

  • Tailwind CSS

  • Alpine JS

  • Twig

  • fortrabbit

  • DDEV

  • GIT - via GitHub

  • NPM

Custom plugin and MySQL experience strongly preferred. Design experience is a plus.

SASS / Cloud / Third Party Software

  • fortrabbit for staging environment

  • AWS/EC2 for production environment

  • Postmark for transaction emails


You should understand Craft CMS deeply; you will have built multiple Craft websites and, ideally, some Craft plugins. You should have robust PHP, HTML, CSS, and Javascript skills, the ability to write clean and practical Twig code and know when to separate functionality into modules and plugins within the Craft ecosystem.

Excellent, fast communication and adherence to agreed-upon schedules and deadlines are essential. Please submit a resume and cover letter to apply—examples of similar past projects and references are required.

Salary or Other Compensation

Hourly (10 hours/week), based on experience

How to Apply

To apply, please submit a resume and cover letter to [email protected]—examples of similar past projects and references are required.

Contact Info

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  Posted March 8, 2024