Craft Collaborator REMOTECONTRACT

Job Description

Looking for a Craft developer to help with a bunch of my personal (fun?) sites. Don’t need to have any design chops but it’s nice if you have an eye. Need to be willing to work hourly without a fully spec’d out project. It’s a “multi-site” (using locales) for my film production company ( with a collection of related company sites (equipment rental, a movie theatre we just took over with first run indy films, a casting “app”, etc.). Need to be able to work with a highly-distracted partner (me), creating a maintainable codebase that we can develop together. CraftCommerce is a part of it.

How to Apply

Find me on the Craft Slack and DM me or email me at [email protected].


Contact Info

  • Location: Philadelphia/Delaware
  • Phone Number: 3153967487
  • Email Address:
  Posted August 16, 2016