Craft Commerce Developer Needed for Price Adjuster REMOTECONTRACT

Job Description

Hello Freelancers,

We are a small agency looking for a freelancer to work with us to create a custom price adjuster for a craft commerce store.

We have build a home furnishings website which is currently live but the final phase will be to purchase items online.

The price of the item needs to be calculated based on the width and height specified by the customer when they add the item to the cart. Each product is related to a pricing table which is a craft table field that can be used to look up the correct price.

How to Apply

If this sounds like your type of work, please get in touch by sending an email and we can arrange to have a chat and see how things could work.

Contact Info

  • Location: UK
  • Phone Number: 0121 369 0686
  • Email Address:
  Posted July 14, 2021