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Job Description

We have a website we're building out on Craft CMS using ecommerce. Here's the site:

The client wants to use Sendle and UPS as shipping options. Sendle for items below 15 pounds and UPS for items above 15 pounds. The problem we're facing is that when multiple items are added into the cart, shipping is calculated on all items and we can't have split shipping methods because shipping estimates cost against weight of all products. Sendle does not offer multiple shipping methods and you can't disallow a specific product, so it applies to all products, which is what we don't want.

The client does not want to use USPS because it is more expensive than Sendle, but USPS offers more shipping options than Sendle does. Please take a look at this video for further understanding:

The second issue we're facing is on the boats. The client is not charging shipping on the boats, but instead is charging a $175 flat rate oversize freight fee. Because we are using this shipping plugin, we are unable to set a flat rate on the boats. We decided to try and build it into the cost of the boat and place a disclaimer on the product page stating this, but the client does not want that either.

We are looking for someone to give insight on the issue so that we can move the project along. Thanks in advance!

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Please send an email to [email protected]

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  • Company: DodgeballSEO
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  Posted June 24, 2021