Craft Developer: Long-term contract or permanent with subsea company LOCALCONTRACT

Job Description

This is the perfect job for a skilled developer who would like a long-term project with a mid-sized company (110 people) that develops products for ocean science and discovery. We already have a site up and running ( but we have tons of ideas for how we can better communicate with our customers and the science community at large, how we can facilitate the customer journey, etc. We work in the global market with the US being the number two market after China.

What do we expect from you? Well, you have to be good at all aspects of web development other than the graphic design. This includes integration with sales, marketing and support applications, building out the core functionality of the site, and knowing what third party solutions may be appropriate for us. You also need to be able to communicate both with marketing professionals and engineers. You can work remotely but we like to talk in person so you will have to come in to our office in Boston at regular intervals. Salary is commensurable with background, experience and tangible results.

How to Apply

Please use email for communication ([email protected]) - we are not always easy to reach on the phone. Once we get connected, we will set up a video call to explore further. We look forward to hearing from you :)

Contact Info

  • Company: Nortek AS
  • Location: Boston, MA
  • Phone Number: 6179389544
  • Email Address:
  Posted May 9, 2019