Creative Agency Looking for Freelancer for Multiple Contract Projects REMOTECONTRACT

Job Description

We are a 100% remote creative agency based in Brooklyn, NY with over 10 years of history designing and building websites, with Craft being our most commonly utilized CMS. We are seeking to add to our roster one or more developers that are proficient in building highly performant, accessible, and interactive websites using Craft.

We currently have two websites that are in design production and require developer support in the coming weeks. After shortlisting qualified developers, we will share details of both projects. However, we are looking to find developers we can depend on in the long term for support on multiple projects into the future.

We're looking to work with developers that feel confident in estimating job costs and development timelines based on client requests and requirements, before designs are started. We will ideally be looking to loop you into the proposal development process to make sure we build in enough budget and time for development for most projects.


  • Must be available during working hours (US Eastern Time) for meetings and Slack/email communication, with same-day response times for questions
  • Must be highly fluent in English
  • Ability to work with our design team to develop technical strategies, and provide guidance to ensure designs are technically possible (especially within timelines and budgets)
  • Must be able to demonstrate expertise in working with Craft and modern front end development techniques, including expertise in working with CSS animations and advanced Javascript development
  • Must be able to check your own work for quality assurance, and deliver code that accurately translates designs to the browser with minimal bugs or required revisions
  • Must be able to demonstrate proficiency with setting up and managing deployment pipelines and production/staging/live environments


  • Experience with using Craft for headless implementations
  • Experience working in Javascript frameworks like React, Vue, Angular, etc.
  • Experience working with API development and/or integrating APIs into Craft projects
  • Experience setting up/managing cloud hosting infrastructure on systems like AWS, Google Cloud Platform, Digital Ocean, etc.
  • Comfortable being involved in meetings with clients (always remote)

What To Expect From Us

We produce all designs in Figma, and prepare developer-friendly style guides for each project that include all page templates as well as component design, and documentation of sizing, spacing, color variables, and states. For interactions/animations, we prototype either in Figma or After Effects. We also prepare documentation of the fields needed for the Craft back end.

How to Apply

Email us!

Provide a short introduction to yourself, your experience, your development methodologies, and preferred workflow when working with agencies. Include links to your portfolio (please do not attach files), especially live links to exemplary websites you worked on. Mention that you found this job posting on Work With Craft.

Contact Info

  • Company: Suits & Sandals
  • Location: Brooklyn, NY
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  Posted October 14, 2021