Front-end Developer in Europe REMOTECONTRACT

Job Description

We are a fully remote web & software development company based in London, UK (but live throughout Europe) who are looking to add another front end developer to our team. We create digital products and web applications for the UK Education Technology sector, primarily working with Governments and evidenced-led organisations.

Current service stack

  • Front-end: Webpack, Tailwind ( PostCSS ), Vue.js, Vuex & GraphQL
  • CMS: Craft CMS
  • Servers: Vultr Droplets, Forge, Ubuntu,
  • Version Control: Github
  • Comms Slack / Trello / Github

Who we’re looking for

We are looking for an honest, reliable, friendly type to join our small 6 person team who can take prototypes (generally in Adobe XD) and develop them into working templates and integrate them within Craft CMS - if you have any experience with GraphQL or API integrations that’s a big plus! Having knowledge to setup projects, develop with a team and deploy changes are essential. You’ll be comfortable working remotely, managing your time and asking for help when required. We have regular team meetings and - although not in the current climate - often have the need to attend physical meetings in and around London (UK), so you’ll need to be on decent transport route and ideally on a +/- 2 GMT timezone.

What you’ll get

  • £2,500 (GBP) per month.
  • Initially a rolling 6 month contract, with scope to move towards full time employment if you desire.
  • A flexible working environment - we have a couple of weekly stand ups, but aside from that you’re free to manage your time as you see fit.
  • Fully expensed travel and accommodation to/from London/Europe for co-working / meetings / outings.

How to Apply

Email [email protected] if you are looking for a new opportunity.

Contact Info

  • Company: Percipio
  • Location: London, UK
  • Email Address:
  Posted May 7, 2020