Job Description

Flipbox is a small, experienced back-end development shop specializing in large integration projects, plugin development and infrastructure architecture.  To date, we’ve worked closely with ad and branding agencies who were responsible for UI/UX and front-end development. Currently, we’re looking for an experienced individual to fill this void.


This is a remote contract position; starting at an estimated 20hr per week (with a monthly commitment).  Depending on fit and experience, this could become a full-time position (where you would run all creative at Flipbox).  Compensation is based on experience.


We’re building new processes around Vue.js and Tailwind CSS frameworks and pre-processors such as Laravel Mix and Webpack.  These will become the pillars for new projects and experience with these is beneficial. Existing projects also use AngularJS, jQuery, Sass, Bourbon/Neat, and Gulp and we'll be working to migrate away from these over time.


Much of our work involves services clients (retainer work).  You will be expected to work directly with client’s; recommending and executing UI/UX changes.  Also, we have a variety of internal projects which include; site/microsite/landing page creation, Craft CMS plugin admin UI/UX, and email campaigns.

How to Apply

Email work examples and references to: [email protected]

Contact Info

  • Company: Flipbox Digital
  • Location: Anytown, USA
  • Phone Number: 970-439-2621 x700
  • Email Address:
  Posted May 15, 2018