Full stack developer expert with Craft CMS, PHP, MySQL, API's, incl FeedMe API REMOTECONTRACT

Job Description

Full stack developer experienced working with Craft CMS, solid understanding of PHP, MySQL, API's, specifically using the FeedMe API feature.

1 - Changes to Asset library feature on craft platform front end and back end changes.
2 - Update migration scripts to migrate content
3 - Run and test that migration of content, users, permissions and assets has been successful.
4 - Work with client IT teams to configure SSO for their version.

This is for an immediate start. Minimum intitial commitment period is five days working time. Our ideal is to onboard a developer who can support us indefinitely on a project-by-project basis.

How to Apply

To apply please email [email protected]

Include an outline of your relevant experience, your resumé or a link to your LinkedIn profile, and contact details. We will invite suitable applicants to a Teams meeting to discuss the role and your experience.

Contact Info

  • Company: FutureBrand
  • Location: London, UK
  • Email Address:
  Posted March 2, 2022