Junior Craft / PHP Developer REMOTECONTRACT

Job Description

We are looking for a UK based, junior PHP developer to work primarily, but not exclusively, on a custom CPD platform built with Craft CMS. This is a remote position working directly with our lead developer. The contract term is for 6 months beginning January 2022 for 30 hours per week. If you’re passionate about writing code and wish to grow as a developer while working hands-on, we’d love to hear from you.

About Us

Established in 2008, Traffc is a strategic digital design and development business. We work directly with our clients offering strategy, design, development, support, and hosting. We’re a fully remote organisation with team members located in London and the Midlands.

Our Expectations

As a junior web developer, you should be familiar with —

Writing HTML, CSS, JavaScript and working with third-party front-end libraries (jQuery)
Working with the Twig templating language
Collaborating using version control systems (Git)
Writing PHP code using any modern framework (preferably Yii2/Craft CMS)
Using the Unix command-line
Using package managers such as Composer
Working with different data formats such as YAML, JSON, CSVs, etc.
Working with REST APIs

Your Responsibilities

Understanding requirements, designing, and building new features into the CPD platform.
Communicating and collaborating closely with our lead developer.
Managing your own tasks whilst following team processes.
Daily briefings / de-briefings with team managers.

How to Apply

Please share your Website, GitHub, LinkedIn, or any projects that demonstrate your capabilities with Craft.

Contact Info

  • Location: UK
  • Phone Number: 07900545470
  • Email Address:
  Posted December 3, 2021