Job Description

About webdna

webdna is an award-winning digital development and marketing agency with deep expertise in creating websites and web apps. We are one of the leading Craft CMS agencies in the world. One of only 14 agencies in the world that are both Craft and Craft Commerce Verified and the only agency in the UK with both accreditations. We were recently named European Craft CMS Agency of the Year, UK Craft CMS Agency of the Year and one of the top 20 agencies to work for in the UK in the prestigious Campaign Best Places to Work 2023 awards.

The job

We are looking for a Junior Developer to join our team of experienced developers. We are looking for someone with the passion and dedication to become one of the best Craft CMS developers in the world. We will help you to learn the skills that you need in dev ops (software development and operations), backend development using Craft CMS and PHP, and frontend development using HTML, CSS, Javascript and Twig.

Each Junior Developer at webdna will be partnered with a mentor who will help them to rapidly improve their development skills and find where their passion lies. To start, the Junior Developer will work in partnership with one of the other developers on the team to ensure that they always have help in deciding the direction of the work they are doing, give support where needed and ensure that they are learning quickly and gaining confidence and experience. As the Junior Developer gains experience with specific tasks, they will be given the opportunity and autonomy to lead on those tasks with support from more senior developers to ensure that their work is always efficient and checked before being deployed to a production environment. The Junior Developer will not just work with other developers though, they will be exposed to all different parts of the business, learning from the design team about information architecture, user experience and user interface design, great interactions and delivering experiences that resonate with different audiences on different devices. They will also work with the marketing team to understand the role of different digital experiences in the customer journey and ensure that our work follows best practices for technical SEO.


We are looking for the right type of person with a great attitude to learning and developing their own skills. Someone who does not walk past a problem, they identify what it is, and solve it or help someone else to find the right solution.

You do not need a lot of experience, this might be your first job out of university or college, or you may want a career change. This will probably be your first development job after growing an interest in the subject.

We are looking for someone who can learn quickly, and who shares our love for great work and delivering incredible results for our clients. The ideal candidate will be passionate about digital experiences, will have a strong work ethic, and the sort of eye for detail that will enable them to spot an out-of-place ‘;’ or a front-end design that is not pixel-perfect.

Depending on the person, and their rate of progress, we expect the Junior Developer to progress to a more senior role within 6-18 months.

Salary or Other Compensation

What we offer

This is a chance to fast-track your career as a developer with the support you need to be great. As you would expect from one of the top agencies to work for the UK, the wrap-around package is pretty good too! We offer a competitive salary, north of average for the role and experience, flexible working hours and location, 28 days holiday a year, 2 charity days a year for you to work on any charity projects that you are passionate about, a pension, healthcare, dental and optical, and generous policies covering everything from sabbaticals to parental leave. We have staff events each month with remote workers heading to Nottingham for some time with the rest of the team, fun activities and a night out. We also provide you with all of the equipment you will need for the office and home set-up. Drinks, snacks and fruit are also available in the office whenever you want them.

How to Apply

How to be selected

We are looking for a smart person who will fit into the team. They will be a linear thinker who can demonstrate their aptitude to become a great developer. We would like you to send a cover letter which explains why you think you would be right for the role and your CV to [email protected].

There is a bit of a heads-up about what it takes to be part of the team in this blog, if you want to get our attention, then demonstrate how you would fit in!

Once we have your cover letter and CV our process to select the right candidate(s) will be:

  • Review all cover letters and CVs, and provide feedback to each and every candidate, successful or not
  • Invite the most suitable candidates to an initial interview where they will meet some of the development team, learn about the webdna and the role, and get a chance to explain why they think they would be right for the role
  • Shortlist suitable candidates and provide them with a task
  • Set up a DISC profile session to help us understand what drives you and how we can get the best out of you. Your DISC profile will be yours to keep and use to learn more about yourself and how your colleagues and managers can get the best out of you.
  • Second meeting with different members of the webdna team to review your task, discuss your DISC profile and help us and you understand if there is synergy between us all.

It is not easy to get through this process, but at the end of it is a job that you will love, with people who will share your passion and who will be able to get the best out of you. It is worth the effort.

Strictly no recruiters or agencies.

Contact Info

  • Company: webdna
  • Location: Nottingham, UK
  • Phone Number: 0115 96 96 083
  • Email Address:
  Posted June 19, 2023