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Job Description

We are looking for a mid-level web developer (with around 4 years of experience) to help support our ongoing and future projects. This is a remote position. You may be located anywhere in India or the rest of the world (with at least a 4‑hour time overlap with the Indian timezone). If you’re passionate about writing code and wish to grow as a developer while building websites hands-on, we’d love to have you grow alongside us. We are a Craft CMS partner and have been building Craft-based sites since 2014.

About Us

Miranj is a strategic web design and development studio. We’ve been in business for over 10 years and have consciously remained a small specialised team with a clear purpose. We are laser-focused on the web — no mobile/​native apps, no product design, no trying to imitate a ​“full-service agency”. We’ve been creating inclusive, accessible, ceaseless, clear, performant, future-friendly websites and with each passing year, we want to keep getting better at our craft.

We work directly with clients (no outsourced assignments or communicating via intermediaries) and offer them a turnkey web solution — strategy, design, development, support, and hosting. We’ve worked in domains such as media & publishing, manufacturing, conferences, recruitment, and even for other design studios. However, what sets us apart is our priority towards projects that are meaningful and serving society. Nearly two-thirds of our work is in the education (e.g. universities, science outreach, etc.) and non-profit (policy & advocacy, health, public interest campaigns, philanthropy, etc.) space.

We’re incorporated in New Delhi but in practice, we’re a fully remote organisation. Our team members are distributed between India and Cambodia. And we occasionally share our learnings with the web community at conferences around the world.

Our Expectations

As a mid-level web developer, you should be comfortable with —

  • Writing HTML, CSS, JavaScript and working with third-party front-end libraries
  • Working with a templating language (preferably Twig)
  • Converting design mockups into responsive, interactive webpages
  • Collaborating using version control systems (Git or Mercurial)
  • Writing PHP code using any modern framework (preferably Yii2)
  • Using the Unix command-line
  • Installing, developing and deploying a CMS-powered website (e.g. WordPress, Craft CMS, Ghost, Kirby, Statamic, Jekyll, Drupal etc.)
  • Using package managers such as Composer, NPM, etc.
  • Using build tools such as Gulp, Vite, etc.
  • Working with different data formats such as YAML, JSON, CSVs, etc.
  • Working with REST APIs

We believe the following traits will play nicely—

  • You favour a long term relationship over a short stint
  • You are eager to take charge and get stuff done
  • You are open to learning and have the ability to pick up new technologies by reading documentation & tutorials
  • You value your commitments
  • You are good at communication, including writing
  • You appreciate clean, readable code and honour coding style/​standards
  • You like sharing ideas on how to make work more fun, meaningful and fulfilling
  • You believe that an organisation should be run sustainably and with financial prudence

Your Responsibilities

Your work at Miranj will involve —

  • Translating designs into CMS templates.
  • Communicating and collaborating closely with clients and external partners in a project team.
  • Understanding requirements, designing, and finally building new features in existing projects.
  • Performance optimisation, SEO, image optimisation and other strategies.
  • Maintaining, supporting, refactoring and upgrading past projects (typically, LAMP stack).
  • Managing your own tasks and following team processes.

What’s on offer?

  • Opportunity to work with modern systems and software, with continuous learning
  • Projects that are meaningful and socially-conscious
  • Monthly team hangout, which we’re told are fun
  • Medical insurance (if you’re based in India)
  • A sustainable pace of work (5‑day work week and up to 40 days of paid time off each year)
  • A Mac for work use
  • Support for speaking at conferences
  • A culture that values reason and debate over authority; autonomy over control; slow and considered decision-making over fast and hasty; and a healthy work-life balance
  • A healthy compensation, proportionate to the value you can bring to us

We do not discriminate based on caste, race, religion, orientation, gender, physical ability, formal education, age, nationality or any such factors. If you belong to any under-represented community we strongly encourage you to send in your application.

How to Apply

Fill out this form to point us to 3 – 4 projects that you’re proud of. For each one, mention the project duration, your role, and your contribution. In addition, please share your online presence (such as Twitter, GitHub, LinkedIn, Website/​Blog). And oh, do mention your hobbies. We’re curious about what you find interesting outside work.

Contact Info

  • Company: Miranj
  • Location: Anywhere close to Indian timezone
  • Email Address:
  Posted September 10, 2021