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Viget is a digital agency / software development shop headquartered just outside of Washington, DC, (in Falls Church, VA) with additional offices in Durham, NC, Boulder, CO, and Chattanooga, TN. We've been at it since 1999 and have earned a solid reputation as a rare firm that does both great design and development work when building digital products and marketing platforms.

Our PHP/CMS Developer will work independently or alongside industry-leading Front-End Developers to create rich and engaging content-driven products. As a PHP/CMS Developer, you are responsible for the configuration, architecture, custom development, maintenance, and troubleshooting of all PHP-based CMS sites developed by the Front-End Development team. You will frequently work with a Front-End Developer who is responsible for the visual and interactive layer of the site. PHP proficiency is a must and candidates should have experience working with third-party PHP-based CMS platforms and utilize modern PHP best practices, like dependency management with Composer. For the right person, we are open to US-based remote candidates. When we consider remote candidates, we're looking for mid- to senior-level developers who have experience with remote collaboration.

Our teams also collaborate directly with clients that offer great variety – from major brands like ESPN and Dick’s Sporting Goods to world-changing nonprofits like WWF and WCS to emerging startups and tech leaders like Google. Viget == variety.

To get a feel for how we think and what we're learning about, read our tech articles, check out, or jump straight to our projects on Github.

Our PHP/CMS Developers:

  • Find joy in architecting CMS-driven sites from third-party platforms to unique, custom-developed solutions and getting under-the-hood to understand how these platforms work.
  • Have knowledge of Craft, Wordpress, or other CMS platforms.
  • Are comfortable extending WordPress, Craft, or other systems with custom development.
  • Can work with our DevOps Director to handle server configuration, deployments, and setting up local development environments on Docker.
  • Are experts in PHP and may have knowledge of other back-end languages, like Ruby on Rails.
  • Embody our core values of integrity, work ethic, collaboration, creativity, and lifelong learning (especially important as we continually evaluate and embrace new technologies).
  • Enjoy working with others in our collaborative environment that balances team-wide communication (e.g., daily standups, Slack discussions, code review), occasional pair programming sessions, and frequent blocks of focused, uninterrupted time for independent work.
  • Speak and write well. Care about modern best practices, including code reviews, continuous integration and deployment, and iterative development.
  • Value mentorship, learning, and sharing knowledge.

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  • Company: Viget
  • Location: United States
  • Phone Number: 703-891-0670
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  Posted January 13, 2021