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Job Description

Cantilever is a small digital agency with a handcrafted, detail-oriented approach to web design and development. We design and develop websites with care, and it shows.

We are looking for a freelance web developer with a focus on CraftCMS, ExpressionEngine or Laravel to guide web development on new Craft and WordPress projects and help with maintenance and upgrades on existing ExpressionEngine sites.

This is a 3-month freelance contract with the hopes of building a long-term working relationship. To begin, we’re looking for 20 hours per week, with an eye toward growth. We’re looking to get started in early January, so we’re hoping you have immediate availability.

This is not a junior role. We need someone who can guide ongoing development, refine our methodologies with CraftCMS and support existing websites from Day 1, largely independently.

We are also seeking a cultural fit. You must write well and communicate clearly; You should prefer making things from scratch; You should have passions and interests outside of work. We actively seek diversity and welcome candidates of any race, gender identity, sexual orientation, family status, and religion.

Our team consists of remote workers from various corners of North America. We’ve got people in New Jersey, California, Texas and Ontario, and we’re excited to add cities, perspectives and backgrounds to our team.

Thank you for considering our listing!

Skills & Requirements

  • You have independently built, or led the creation of, complex Craft or ExpressionEngine sites.

  • You have written complex PHP in the context of a Craft/EE project or independently

  • You have written plugins, extensions or other pluggable, reusable tools for Craft or ExpressionEngine.

  • You have a strong knowledge of Javascript, including some experience with an MVT framework like Angular, React, Backbone, or Knockout

  • You have a strong knowledge of CSS and understand how to replicate intricate design work in the browser with sane code

  • You abstractly understand object orientation and MVC principles

  • You know how to use Git and Github in an organized and professional manner

  • You understand what makes websites fast and can fully optimize a site with caching, minification, CDNs, spriting, etc.

  • Strong English skills

No recruiters or companies, please. Individual applicants only.

About Cantilever, Inc

Our goal is to build the best websites possible – sites that deliver maximum return for our clients while delivering an exceptional experience for users.

We have a diverse mix of clients, from Fortune 500 companies to local small businesses. We try to work with people who understand and appreciate our craftsmanship.

Our group is passionate about our work but ready to leave it at the office at the end of the day. We detest the high-pressure treadmill that working in technology can often become, and try our best to keep our projects low-stress and high-fun.

As a web agency rather than a pure software company, our Joel Test results are a bit fuzzy. We have so many independent projects that daily builds are impractical, but we build and test each feature on demand. Our deployment processes are not yet automated in most cases, which we are working to solve. We often have to write new code with cosmetic or minor bugs known, but ensure that they are logged. We are usually alright about speccing, scheduling, and testing, but can always improve. We would love to work with a developer passionate about best practices who can help us meet the highest standard.

A few examples of the kinds of sites you would be working on:

How to Apply

Send an email to [email protected].

Applications must include:

  • Why this offer sounds like a match for your skillset and personality

  • A link to, and/or zipped codebase for, a large Craft, ExpressionEngine or related site you were responsible for building – either independently or as a leading developer

  • Your proposed contract terms and rate

  • A brief introduction to you and your work

Contact Info

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  Posted December 27, 2017