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Job Description

The University of Maryland Center for Environmental Science (UMCES) invites applications for a Web Developer position. The successful candidate will work with an established and dynamic team in partnership with Chesapeake Bay Program in Annapolis, Maryland. The Chesapeake Bay Program maintains several websites as a primary method of informing citizens and stakeholders about Chesapeake Bay protection and restoration efforts.

The successful candidate will work under the Lead Web Developer and as a key member of the Web Team. Typical areas of responsibility for this position will include:

• Assist with the implementation and maintenance of content management systems (primarily Craft CMS) for the Chesapeake Bay Program partnership websites.

• Assist with writing code for websites using languages, tools and software including, but not limited to HTML5, PHP, CSS3, SCSS, Javascript, and Docker.

• Assist in the management, tracking and resolution of support requests.

• Assist in maintaining version controlled code (via GIT) and in the deployment process (pull requests and code reviews through Bitbucket).

• Assist in the development of websites optimized for mobile devices, focusing on responsive web design, performance metrics, and accessibility.

• Assist in the design, creation, population, and maintenance of backend databases to support Chesapeake Bay Program websites and mobile applications including, but not limited to, MySQL.

• Participate in conducting user experience research and usability evaluations.

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  • Location: Annapolis, MD
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  Posted December 8, 2021