Caroline Blaker

Tech Lead / Art Director, Aquarian Web Studio

Albuquerque, NM


I am the lead at Aquarian Web Studio, a small-but-mighty studio devoted to web design, web development and strategy. Aquarian partners with clients and businesses to provide support and direction to web presences needing Craft CMS software support, web design, and development of new website features to scale and perform. We are high-touch, high-value; aggressive students of the web ecosystem; bringing our findings to every interaction, every meeting. What we deliver depends on the project, but just for starters:

  • Comprehensive web designs in code, first.
  • Headless, asycronous, or very fast page load times.
  • Small, granular to large, conceptual design process.
  • Performant, DRY code with an eye on accessibility.
  • Time-saving organized, DRY workflows and publish processes.
  • Hopefully a laugh or two.

My company is a Craft CMS Verified Parner - please see us at



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