Craig Clement

Junior Developer

London, UK


As a Junior Developer with just under one year of experience, I have gained valuable expertise working within an agile commercial team, specializing in Craft development.

In my most recent role, I had the opportunity to work with an impressive tech stack that included:

  • Craft CMS: Utilizing the power and flexibility of Craft CMS, I honed my skills in crafting robust and scalable web solutions.
  • Twig: I proficiently used Twig templating language to create dynamic and efficient front-end views.
  • GraphQL: With a solid understanding of GraphQL, I seamlessly integrated data retrieval and manipulation into my projects, enhancing performance and flexibility.
  • Vue.js: Leveraging the power of Vue.js, I developed interactive and responsive user interfaces, providing an exceptional user experience.
  • Tailwind: Employing Tailwind CSS framework, I efficiently styled and customized interfaces, ensuring consistency and streamlined development.
  • Docker: By utilizing Docker, I optimized the development and deployment processes, resulting in enhanced efficiency and seamless collaboration within the team.
  • Vite: I successfully employed Vite as a build tool, enabling rapid development and optimizing the performance of web applications.
  • Composer:
  • Nginx: Proficiently configuring Nginx, I ensured reliable and secure web server deployment, delivering exceptional performance and stability.
  • Git: Skillfully utilizing Git version control, I collaborated effectively with the team, ensuring smooth code management and seamless integration.

Working in accordance with the atomic design principle, I collaborated closely with the design team and senior developers. Together, we developed and implemented new client features, emphasizing clean, defensive coding practices. Prior to deployment to production, I rigorously tested all changes on a sandbox environment, ensuring a high level of quality and stability.

My commitment to delivering top-notch code, combined with my ability to collaborate effectively in a team environment, allows me to consistently contribute to successful projects.



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