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Daryl Campbell is a Digital Consultant from Belfast, Northern Ireland with a focus on building web applications which are modular, scalable and easier to maintain.

Daryl has over 16 years experience developing websites and applications, specialising in ux/ui design & front-end development. Previously he has worked for clients and organisations around the world, training teams to help them improve the structure of their code and work efficiently together.

Daryl works with HTML, SASS, BEM, front-end tooling - NPM, Grunt, Gulp, Fabricator and Git for version control. For larger, long-term projects, Daryl has experience in implementing living style guides which help to modularise the components and provide a framework for teams to collaborate on development. Specialist in Craft CMS and Expression Engine.

A graduate of the University of Ulster, Daryl has a BA in Visual Communication (with 1st class honours) and an MA in Applied Art.



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