David Ritter

Ritter Knight Creative

Wisconsin, US


I got involved with Craft CMS shortly after Craft CMS 2.0 was released in 2013 and start building client websites on it ever since. We ditched WordPress and never looked back. This was also shortly after the time I started Ritter Knight as a brand new agency.

It turns out selling a brand new CMS as a brand new agency was a lot easier than I expected. Or maybe people just appreciated our "fresh take" on helping them manage content.

Having been familiar with other platforms, Craft CMS hit the sweet spot between offering plenty of functionality to be usable "out of the box" but still friendly for clients to add and update their content.

As someone who's sat in multiple roles, from content editor to designer to developer, I can appreciate how Craft can help bring it all together.

Lately our work involves podcasting, e-commerce and Craft Commerce, and subscription/membership-based websites.



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