Enrico Icardi

Product Development and management

Berlin, Europe


My job is about helping businesses to build or improve their products (from scratch, simple ideas or existing projects) working at the intersection of people, technology, design and new medias.

I've started with Web Development in 2006 in Torino, Italy.

Over the past 11 years I've been working (mostly as a consultant) with perfectionist –Type B– designers, complicated –Type A– developers, and spent a countless amount of hours writing e-mails and attending meetings with small-to-big companies, mainly in Europe, USA and Canada.

I enjoy teamwork, i am capable of handling stressful tasks and i'm usually very intrigued by any new venture that i get to know or work at. I also occasionally give advices to early stage startups struggling to bootstrap.

My first venture was co-founded in 2009 with a team of friends and became internationally recognized in 2012 as the Airbnb for flexible Workplaces. Some time later it also got successfully funded, and its seed round ($ 1.1M) was led by Tim Draper. Today it's one of the main players in the Office Space and Coworking Business, also offering a solution for Smart Office Management.

My second venture, born in early 2015 (B2C+B2B), is now developing a new product. Our early B2B customers includes Tech Companies and Events. (eg. exoclick and breather.com)

I'm currently working in Berlin, helping welanceredefine the freelancers collective. With them I've also co-founded my first research project about locationindependent workers trend, now moving towards its 2nd edition with one of our partners.

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(Profile updated: September 2017)


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