Eric Ressler

Founder & Creative Director

Santa Cruz, CA



As our Creative Director, Eric has extensive expertise in brand development, strategy, extension, and maintenance. Over the years, he has delivered complex web and brand projects for local Santa Cruz organizations through international brands. These projects have given him in-depth experience with both minimal and large, content heavy websites. A self-taught photographer and cinematographer, he's the man operating the camera on our photo and video shoots. He's also one of our primary video editors and colorists. His musical background frequently comes into play during post-production.


Design, Branding, Typography, Photography, Video & Film, Music, Technology, Outdoor Exploration, Climbing, Surfing.


Hailing from San Diego State University, Eric launched Cosmic in 2007 and has been helping organizations launch, pivot and re-invent themselves ever since. He's led the strategic growth of Cosmic - keeping it small, responsive, professional and fun. In addition to his personal contributions to each project, Eric keeps an eye on overall strategy while ensuring that Cosmic consistently provides high creative value and achieves our clients' goals.


  Member since January 26, 2017