Jonny Kates

Freelance Developer

Dorset, UK


Hi, I am Jonny Kates. I’m a freelance front-end developer and digital designer based in Dorset in the UK. I specialise in creating beautiful, accessible and fast digital products for socially impactful organisations.

For the past decade I have worked on a huge range of products with an equally diverse array of organisations. Whether it’s building a site for a ground-breaking cancer research trial for the NHS or creating a tantalisingly unique website for the visual artist David Shrigley; I approach each project with the same level of respect, dedication and trust.

As a web developer, I like to use my skills for good; which is why I exclusively work with organisations that are making a positive impact in the world.

I specialise in working with Craft CMS as well as various Javascript frameworks including React. I love writing efficient and clean CSS, and have built design frameworks that style hundreds of charity websites on a SaaS platform that I previously worked on.

In 2022, I decided to step out from the agency world and try to build myself up as a freelancer and am currently available for opportunities great and small.

If you are looking for design or development work, then get in touch. Whether it’s a brand new website with an entirely fresh identity for your organisation, or just someone who you can call on to update the phone number in your site’s footer; I can help.


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