matthias kuuperschmidt

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Hi, I'm Matthias, a specialist in Craft CMS with an emphasis on integrating Google Analytics and Google Tag Manager (GTM) with the platform. Currently residing in Copenhagen, Denmark, I've amassed over 8 years of experience working in various digital agencies before venturing into the freelance world as a Craft analytics consultant.

My journey with web development began early. At 14, I built my first website as a platform to trade movies on the schoolyard. Later, I created "Kickerkult," an e-commerce platform for table soccer, combining my interest in web development and the game. Managing this webshop gave me the opportunity to explore the realm of email marketing, and I was quickly enthralled by the unlimited possibilities the web offers.

My speciality lies in implementing effective analytics setups to track user behavior. Over the years, I have collaborated with companies of different sizes worldwide, helping them improve their digital footprint and better understand their user engagement.

I approach my work with an analytical, rational, and structured mindset, paired with a goal-oriented and pragmatic attitude. This ensures that I deliver solutions tailored to meet specific business objectives and drive growth.

In addition to my consulting services, I enjoy sharing my knowledge and insights on analytics on my blog. Whether you're seeking to set up Google Analytics and GTM on Craft CMS, want to better understand your users' behavior, or require assistance with improving your website's user engagement, feel free to reach out. Let's harness the power of the web together.


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