Rodrigo Passos

Senior Web Developer

Cape Cod, MA


Since 1998, I have been working on projects of all shapes and sizes to help turn ideas into reality. Clients and collaborators value my wide range of disciplines and knowledge, which affords me a unique fluency when communicating with designers, third-party application vendors, and a wider perspective when considering a project's goals, with an eye for details during the development process.

Over the years, I've delivered complex projects while staying on budget, by implementing creative solutions to difficult challenges.

I am specialized in PHP & Javascript development since 2012, in Craft CMS since 2015, and React since 2018. I've created and contributed to various Craft Plugins.

I am also proficient in the latest Laravel, React Native, Docker, AWS and NextJS. But I am always looking at the next thing :-)

Some of the things I can do:

  • Implement designs into working code, in different options in the frontend (Headless or Twig)
  • Implement or create content model into CraftCMS
  • Implement or create third party integrations to available API endpoints
  • Implement or create hosting and deployment strategy
  • Implement or create CI/CD pipeline.



  • Email Address:

  • Github: webrgp
  • LinkedIn: rgpassos
  • Twitter: @webrgp
  Member since October 26, 2017