Russ Back

Full Stack Developer

Bath, UK


I've been working as a developer for over 20 years, and in that time have run development teams within large corporates, worked within agencies, co-founded a creative web agency as a technical director, and co-founded and lead the develpoment of a successful tech SaaS product.

These days I have stepped away from running a business as a director and now work with web agencies as a senior full stack developer, typically working on projects for SMEs, and often within ecommerce.

As a senior dev, this typically involves working across the full stack with Craft CMS and Craft Commerce as core components, but mostly I focus on custom developments, such as bespoke systems integrations, reporting requirements, and other functionality.

Away from Craft, I also work heavily with JavaScript, in particular Vue, Nuxt, Node and Express.

As a seasoned professional with a breadth of experience at all levels and in multiple business environments, I am often involved beyond pure delivery, and use my experience and knowledge to help teams develop project scope and solution designs, and very much enjoy working closely as part of a wider agency team and directly with agency clients, and not just as a developer tasked with delivering a predefined solution.

As I work for a number of agencies and the projects are their IP, please contact me for examples and references.


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