So, where do we go from here?

For over five years, Work With Craft has existed as a (mostly) free community resource for helping talented Craft developers find employment with like-minded development agencies who specialize in Craft CMS. And conversely, a lot of top-notch dev shops have landed quality programmers here.

The downside is that it's been a continuous challenge for us to prioritize ongoing development of WWC. It has languished a bit (sorry) as we've focused our energies on other business objectives. However, we now intend to change all of that.

We are giving the entire site a complete overhaul. It will be a visual facelift, first and foremost, but it will come with many other advantages. We'll be improving the UI of the post management tools, and may even consider making the site open source!

There will also be new options for posting jobs. And we will finally begin charging for job posts, which was always the original goal. We are extremely proud to offer WWC as a service for the community, and intend to keep it going strong for long into the future.

Thanks for your ongoing patronage of Work With Craft! We hope that it's helped you find work, or locate a skilled developer in a time of need. And if not, we invite you to stick around to find that opportunity.

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